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Unique piston provides outstanding performance
These portable cut-off saws (BTS series) prevent piston jamming and are thus unbeatable when it comes to performance and economic efficiency. Their extreme ruggedness is based on the unique "L3" piston; the name L3 refers to "Long Life Lubrication". The innovative air cleaner design and the improved engine cooling system provide for added reliability. The BTS series offers the highest power to weight ratio of their class plus outstanding ergonomic features
  Technical Data – BTS 1035L3
  Description     Metric     Imperial
  Length x width x height (L x B x H)         (without guide trolley)     800 x 290 x 385 mm     31.5 x 11.4 x 15.2 in
  Weight     10,2 kg     22.5 lb
  Disc diameter     350 mm     14 in
  Arbor diameter     25,4 mm     1 in
  Nominal blade speed     4.300 1/min     4,300 rpm
  Max. cutting depth     12,2 cm     4.8 in
  Drive engine     air-cooled two-stroke petrol engine
  Displacement     73 cm3     4,5 in3
  Max. power output (DIN-ISO 3046*)     4,2 kW     5.7 hp
  Fuel type     petrol-oil mixture 50 : 1
  Fuel consumption     2,7 l/h     2.9 US qt/h
  Fuel tank capacity     1,1 l     1.2 US qt
  Power Train     from engine via centrifugal clutch and V-belt to disc
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